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Klickitat PUD

Timeline History

1938 - By a 299-vote margin, the citizens of Klickitat County create a public utility district. While small power plants serve some communities, and PP&L serves the cities, much of the county is without electricity.

1941 - The PUD’s first 60 miles of line is completed and the PUD serves its first customer: Frank Ward of Glenwood. The new line piggy-backs on a BPA line from Condit Dam at Northwestern Lake to Glenwood.

1941 - The PUD’s Trout Lake system is energized, giving the PUD 225 customers. Another 30 miles of line and 160 customers are added before World War II interrupts construction.

1947 - The PUD buys PP&L’s facilities in the county, and overnight has 240 miles of line and 2,800 customers.

1952 - The PUD is serving 4,200 customers on more than 1,000 miles of line and every customer that requests electric service has access to it.

1998 - Sixty years after its creation, the PUD serves 9,800 customers with 1,600 miles of line and facilities valued at $42 million.

1999 - KPUD installs a 10MW landfill gas to energy facility, giving it the name "H.W. Hill Landfill Gas Project" in honor of over 25 years of service by Commissioner Harold W. Hill.

2007 - The White Creek Wind I Project begins commercial operation November 21st, a 205MW wind project producing enough clean renewable electricity to meet the needs of 28,000 residences. KPUD's share of the project is 26%, or 18 average MW's.

2008 - 70 years after its creation, the PUD serves 11,911 customers with over 1,600 miles of line and facilities valued at approximately $233,895,941. KPUD sells half of its share of the White Creek Wind I Project output.