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Klickitat PUD

KPUD's Income Qualified Rebate Program

The best way to reduce your overall utility bill is to use less energy and water. Efficient appliances and weatherization upgrades can help.  Income-qualifying customers may be eligible for enhanced rebates towards heating systems, insulation, windows and more.

Our Income-qualified program at KPUD go beyond mere energy savings, offering a range of additional benefits. Here’s what sets them apart  

  • Higher incentive values
  • Funds available for repair costs
  • Qualification is based on household income
  • Potential collaborations with Community Action Agencies

Check out the Income Qualified rebates below:

Qualifying Measures   Proposed Rebate  

Prime Windows & Sliding Doors (existing must be wood or aluminum)              

 $45/Sq. Foot

 Exterior Insulated Door (s)  $700/door
 Attic Insulation  Dollar for Dollar
 Floor Insulation  Dollar for Dollar
 Wall Insulation  Dollar for Dollar
 Unitary Heat Pump Water Heater  up to $3,000
 Smart Thermostat  $400
 Ductless Heat Pump  $6,000
 Air Source Heat Pumps  $9,000
 Energy Star Clothes Washer & Dryers  $800 Each
 Custom Projects  Call for info

* Not all measures may be available for all housing types. Refer to the KPUD Income Qualified Home Rebate Packet for detailed project information and requirements. Rebates are subject to change and availability.

Income Qualified Rebate Package

Income Eligibility:

For eligibility, we follow the Federal and Washington Weatherization Assistance Program guidelines, defining income-qualified households as those with gross incomes at or below 80% of the Area Median Income Level (AMI) or 200% of the Federal Poverty level (FPL). Refer to the chart for details. 

 Number in Household             Maximum Annual  Qualifying
Gross Income Level

 1 Person  $50,400
 2 People  $57,600
 3 People  $64,800
 4 People  $72,00
 5 People  $77,800
 6  or more  Contact Utility 


For more information on Income Qualified rebates contact the Energy Services Specialist, Anita Clever 509-773-7622