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Klickitat PUD

Agricultural Energy Efficiency

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Agriculture is an important part of Klickitat County. Our region is consistently challenged with long droughts and water shortages. Irrigators have a unique opportunity to help mitigate these water shortages, increase irrigation uniformity, decrease the amount of water and fertilizer required, all while using less energy.

Irrigation Conservation Videos

KPUD offers rebates for some of the following:

Agriculture Project Packet (10/01/2022)

Irrigation Hardware Upgrades

New sprinklers, nozzles, regulators and gaskets, can reduce the pressure required at the pump, save water, improve water application uniformity, and save energy. As equipment wears out, making the switch to more energy-efficient hardware is one of the easiest ways to start saving water and power. For more information review the Agricultural Project packet shown above. 

Variable Frequency Drives and Pump Upgrades

VFD's are designed to adjust the irrigation pump motor speed to match the changing irrigation (flow and pressure) requirements. The VFD controls the frequency of the electrical power supplied to the motor. Even small speed adjustments using a VFD can create big energy savings. Often as much as 10-20 percent. This will also provide greater precision and tighter control over water distribution and pressure, and help the pump match-flow requirements. Contact us to learn more. 

New High-Efficiency Irrigation Pumps

Over time, some irrigation pumps may become worn out, leak water, and become less efficient. Or the old irrigation pump might not be a good match to the current irrigation system requirements. Installing a new, more efficient pump will help restore your irrigation system to the best operating point and save energy. Pared with a VFD, can save even more energy.

Irrigation System Evaluation and Pump Testing 

Irrigation system analysis or pump testing may identify opportunities to increase the efficiency of a pumping plant and irrigation delivery system. These opportunities may include low pressure conversion for center pivots and laterals, reduction of friction losses in piping, and rebuilding pumps, and trimming pump impellers.  

Other Rebates
Low Elevation Spray Application (LESA) and Mobile Drip (MDI)
Zonal Variable Rate Irrigation (ZVRI)
Freeze Resistant
Thermostatically Controlled Stock Water Tanks/Fountains
Thermostatically Controlled outlets 

For more information on requirements please contact the Energy Services Specialist, Anita Clever (509) 773-7622