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Klickitat PUD

Rate Schedule 6:   Street Lighting


Applicable to service for street lighting systems, including street lighting, signal systems and roadway and park lighting for a term of not less than ten years.


The rates of this service consist of a flat dollar per month figure.

Type Amount
Mercury Vapor Lights
350 W Light $25.88/mo.
Wide Lights
250 W Light $46.25/mo.
400 W Light $52.94/mo
High Pressure Sodium Lights
(rates based on actual O&M costs & usage)
100 W Light $14.87/mo.
200 W Light $24.64/mo.
400 W Light $41.27/mo.
1000 W Light $90.32/mo.
LED Lights
100 W LED/RU (YL equivalent) $18.97/mo.
100 W LED Street Light $20.24/mo.
200 W LED Street Light $28.55/mo.
LED Parking Lot (CH equivalent) $42.47/mo.
(rates reflect actual light per customer count)
Klickitat Street Lights $3.27 per month per customer
Lyle Street Lights $2.85 per month per customer
Wishram Street Lights $4.57 per month per customer
Roosevelt Street Lights $0.93 per month per customer
Dallesport Street Lights $2.78 per month per customer
Glenwood Street Lights $9.06 per month per light

Additional Street Lights - Any additional street lights requested will be billed at the standard rate. The PUD will determine the necessary improvements and install them as part of the basic rate. Anything extra (underground, steel or ornamental standards, or ornamental lights) will be paid for as aid-in-construction contribution prior to installation of the light. Glenwood Induction Lights are under a 20 year contract and future Glenwood Street light addition rates are to be determined by engineering.

Area Lighting - Whenever a customer desires to have a light installed at his house or place of business the monthly charge is to be paid by the customer directly, the PUD will furnish and install the light fixture, associated equipment, and one (1) span of overhead street wire or photo cell.

Should a pole, relay, underground wire, transformer or any additional facilities be necessary, these facilities will be supplied and installed by the PUD at the expense of the customer who desires the light.

The customer will be required to sign a ten (10) year contract covering the monthly charge for the light. This monthly charge will be in accordance with the PUD rate schedule that may be adjusted from time to time by action of the Board of Commissioners of the PUD.

Effective - The rates on this schedule are effective on bills issued after January 1, 2024.