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Klickitat PUD


News from your PUD commissioners and staff. 


  • Planned Power Outage - Roosevelt 06/04/2020 9:00AM-1:00PM
    Jun 03, 2020
    Klickitat PUD will have a planned power outage on Thursday, June 4th from 9:00AM until 1:00PM while the crew replaces a broken power pole at the intersection of Hwy 14 and Frontage Rd. in Roosevelt. This will affect all customers fed out of the Roosevelt substation. Automated phone calls were made today to the affected customers, however if you have questions, please contact the Operations Department at (800) 548-8357. READ MORE
  • Natural Gas Leak - E Jewett Blvd and NE Vine St 06/03/2020
    Jun 03, 2020
    There is currently a natural gas leak on E Jewett Blvd. and NE Vine St. in White Salmon. KPUD is on site and is de-energizing a section of underground line. We have spoken to these customers. There is a possibility KPUD may be requested to de-energize a larger number of customers as a safety precaution for those working to repair the gas leak. This would affect the town of White Salmon. We will continue to update our website and Facebook as more information becomes available. If you have questions, please contact the Operations Department at (800) 548-8357. READ MORE
  • Unplanned Power Outages - Trout Lake, Lyle, Dallesport and Alderdale
    May 30, 2020
    We are currently experiencing unplanned power outages affecting customers in the Trout Lake, Lyle, Dallesport and Alderdale areas. ​ Trout Lake - we have crews working through reports of downed lines and trees. Lyle/Dallesport - BPA is has crews responding to patrol their power lines. An ETR is unavailable until BPA inspects their lines. Alderdale - Benton PUD is inspecting their transmission lines feeding KPUD service. Roosevelt - we have received reports of downed powerlines in the Roosevelt area. A crew is responding to this at of 6:00PM. If you are without power or see an unsafe condition (tree on line, downed power lines or poles, etc. please contact KPUD at (800) 548-8357. READ MORE
  • KPUD Contractor for Pole Test and Treat
    May 21, 2020
    Klickitat PUD has contracted the annual inspection and treatment of our power poles to TK Contractors, LLC. They are starting their work in the Snowden area in mid-May and will continue throughout the summer. TK Contractors did a portion of the test and treat release in your area in 2018 and will continue where they left off. READ MORE
  • KPUD Signs Long Term Gas Sales Agreement with PSE
    May 13, 2020
    Klickitat PUD is excited to announce the signing of a 20 year renewable natural gas sales contract with Puget Sound Energy. We will begin selling RNG to PSE beginning July 1, 2020. This contract provides long-term value and rate stability to our communities and our customers for many years. READ MORE
  • Klickitat PUD implements COVID-19 Small Business Customer Assistance Program
    May 04, 2020
    Partners with Klickitat County Economic Development for program administration. READ MORE
    Apr 21, 2020
    The KPUD encourages customers to be cautious when providing personal information. When in doubt, call the PUD at 509-773-5891 or 509-493-2255 or log into SmartHub to verify your account status. SmartHub is a great place to manage your notification method. READ MORE
  • Klickitat PUD Estimating Portion of Electic Meters
    Apr 09, 2020
    Residential electric meters in White Salmon and Goldendale will be estimated this month. Our intent is to limit exposure for both our meter readers and our customers. READ MORE
    Mar 30, 2020
    Klickitat PUD employees are at work ensuring that customers have access to electric, water and wastewater services. Keeping these services available requires KPUD staff to remain healthy and able to work. READ MORE
  • KPUD Recognizes COVID-19 Economic Impact
    Mar 20, 2020
    Klickitat PUD is suspending the disconnection of service due to non-payment, waiving late fees, and working with affected utility customers to establish payment arrangements.  READ MORE