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Please review complete documentation provided for each appliance. For more information on appliance rebates contact the Energy Services Specialist, Anita Clever 509-773-7622


NOTICE: Effective immediately, all rebate applications will be processed on a first come first serve basis as funds are quickly being utilized. We are not closing our residential program, but payment of rebate requests may be deferred until new funding is made available, which could be into October 2019 at which time the new Energy Conservation Budget and program takes effect. Also, please note that rebate values may differ from what is currently published based on new program offerings.

Clothes Washer and Dryer

Requirements: These measures are available for all types of residential buildings (single-family, manufactured and multifamily). Also, the primary source of heat must be electric with no connection to natural gas.
• Clothes Washers must be ENERGY STAR qualified. Top Loaders must have a minimum IMEF of 2.38.
• Clothes Dryers must be electric and ENERGY STAR qualified.
• Clothes Washers with less than an IMEF of 1.72 will not qualify for rebate.
Appliance    Rebate
 FRONT Load Washer: Any Energy Star  $20.00
 TOP Load Washer: Energy Star with minimum IMEF 2.38  $20.00
 Clothes Dryer: Any Energy Star  $50.00


Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat pump water heaters that qualify for rebates depend on approval based on the (1) BPA's Qualified Products List and (2) installed, according to manufacture's specifications. This measure can be self-installed or the installer must have received installation training from the manufacture of the installed equipment, if available.

Requirements: Must be installed in new and existing single-family homes and manufactured homes only. In existing homes, the new heat pump water heater must replace an electric storage water heater. Also, the primary source of heat must be electric with no connection to natural gas.

 Appliance Spec   Rebate 
 Heat Pump Water Heater  Tier 1 & 2  $300.00