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Klickitat PUD

Modification of Existing Services


Thank you for your interest in revising an existing electrical service. We are pleased to serve your electric needs and have provided the following information to serve as a guide to expedite and clarify this process.

The following information is to be used as a guide and as such should not be interpreted to conflict with code requirements of Washington State, the National Electric Code (NEC), or any other regulatory entities having jurisdiction.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that your service complies with all applicable codes.

For existing service modifications, if your work requires that the power be disconnected Klickitat PUD (KPUD) provides that service for free. We do require that the disconnects be scheduled through the Engineering Department. Disconnects may need to be scheduled a minimum of a week in advance, please plan your projects accordingly.

If your service modification requires KPUD perform work other than the Disconnect/ Re-Connect, KPUD charges actual costs with a minimum payment of $500.00 for the work that will be completed.

  • For general questions or if you can’t reach one of the engineers please contact Engineering Support Shelby at 509-773-7612 to schedule an appointment.
  • For follow-up questions once you have met with an engineer please contact: 
    • For the Goldendale Areas (Goldendale, Wishram, Roosevelt, Centerville, Bickleton, Alderdale and Klickitat) please contact Justin at 509-773-7635 or Jared at 509-773-7633.
    • For the White Salmon Areas (Bingen, White Salmon, Trout Lake, Husum, Glenwood, Lyle and Dallesport) please contact Aaron at 509-493-9553 or Nathaniel at 509-493-9554.

The Goldendale Office typically Schedules on Tuesdays and White Salmon on Wednesdays.  Should you require a disconnect, please contact the appropriate office with your information and plan ahead keeping in mind to allow for an adequate amount of time for the disconnect to be scheduled.

WA State Labor & Industries Permits,Fees,& Inspections

Always remember to Call Before You Dig