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Klickitat PUD

Rate Sch 9:   Unmetered Service


  • In all territory served by the District


Monthly Rate

The customer will be placed in a Monthly Rate Tier as determined by the District after conducting an analysis of the monthly kWh usage based on the type, rating and quantity of the equipment serviced at the location.
  • Tier One Rate      (0-250 kWh): $ 49.02

  • Tier Two Rate    (251-500 kWh):    $ 77.20

  • Tier Three Rate (501-750 kWh):   $ 105.36

  • Tier Four Rate   (>751 kWh):         $ 133.49                       



  • This rate is available to customers with equipment which is unmetered for the convenience and mutual benefit of the customer and KPUD.
  • Examples of equipment that may qualify for unmetered services include but are not limited to: railroad signals, pole mounted power supplies, amplifiers, billboards, unmetered telephone services, cathodic protection units, wireless antenna and related equipment, community antenna television and video systems, cable TV power supplies, and other small loads that can be reasonably estimated, and KPUD has determined that a metered service is not feasible.
  • Customer shall provide written inventory of all equipment, including the type and nameplate rating for each piece of equipment. Customer shall inform KPUD in writing of any changes in type, rating and/or quantity of equipment and billing will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Customer shall provide KPUD with an updated inventory of all equipment at each point of service on an annual basis.
  • KPUD reserves the right to visually inspect equipment at each point of service at any time and make any billing adjustments that may be necessary.

Customer Service Policy

Service under this schedule is subject to the Consumer Service Policy of the PUD. (See Policy Bulletin No. 21)


The rates on this schedule are effective on bills issued after January 1, 2024.