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Klickitat PUD

Starting Residential Electric Service

Prospective new customers will need to call or visit one of our two offices.  Both Klickitat PUD and the federal government require full names, Social Security numbers(or equivalent) and date of birth for all adults in the residence.  Provided information will be submitted to a confirmation/credit worthiness website.

If a deposit is required new customers must pay at least half the amount before service can be put in their name.   Any remaining balance will appear on the first regular bill along with the set-up fees.  Deposits are based on the combined largest two bills during the last two years. A minimum deposit is $150.00. To avoid a deposit a new customer may use a co-signer, an existing customer who has been with KPUD at least two years with an excellent payment history. By signing and having notarized our form the co-signer is guaranteeing payment of the monthly bills until the new customer has obtained 12 consecutive months of on- time payments.