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Klickitat PUD Estimating Portion of Electic Meters

by Apr 09, 2020

Residential electric meters in White Salmon and Goldendale will be estimated this month. Our intent is to limit exposure for both our meter readers and our customers.

Original April 9, 2020/ Revised July 6, 2020
Is you utility bill higher or lower than normal? 
This may be attributed to estimated reads in May and June.  Please let us know if you have questions.

Residential Electric meters in Goldendale and White Salmon will be estimated, as may other rural communities in observance of social distancing.  In general meters without clear access in and out, may also be estimated. Our intent is to limit exposure for both our meter readers and our customers.

We apologize for any inconvenience an estimated read or additional read days may cause, but assure you that the usage (and usage cost) will be adjusted with the next actual meter read. Estimated reads are generated by a program that assesses usage trends. If you live in the areas mentioned, and don’t want an estimated read, please contact us with your meter read. If you live outside city limits and have a self-read meter, please continue to submit your reads regularly to avoid the need for estimated reads and adjustments.

 With the stay-at-home order, we’d like to encourage you to enroll in SmartHub. It’s a great customer tool that lets you submit meter reads, make payments, enroll in auto-pay and paperless billing, submit inquiries, and view other important account information. It is available at www.klickitatpud.com, or in the App (Apple) or Google Play (Android) Stores. We can be reached during business hours at 773-5891 or 493-2255.


Thank you for your understanding and as always we strive to serve our customers to  the best of our ability under all conditions.

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