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BE PREPARED to avoid winter “Sticker Shock” when you open your PUD bill

by Jan 10, 2020

Every winter, KPUD receives numerous calls from frustrated customers about higher electric bills.


Every winter, KPUD receives numerous calls from frustrated customers about higher electric bills.

Anita our Energy Service Specialist says “once winter sets in, about a month later we start receiving calls asking ‘why has my bill gone up, I haven’t changed anything in my home’ ”

Cold weather causes heating systems to work overtime to keep the temperature the same in the home due to the large difference between temperatures outside than inside. This then leads to a higher bill the following month as customers pay for energy use after the fact. 

The next question Anita gets is “why do you raise your rates in the winter?” The fact is that we do not raise our rates in the winter; the actual consumption of a household goes up based on the above heating scenario and other energy hogs in the home during cold months.

KPUD announced there will be no residential electric rate increase in 2020. 


So let’s address how you can PREPARE for winter energy use as January through March can bring some of the coldest temperatures of the year and hopefully manage energy consumption by doing  the following these steps:

v  Flatten the curve. Instead of riding the roller coaster of high winter bills and low summer ones, take advantage of KPUD’s Budget Payment plan to equalize the bill over the year. The plan doesn’t reduce the amount the customers pays for their usage, but rather makes the monthly bill about the same all year long.


v  Take control of your thermostat. Everyone wants to be cozy and warm in their home, but depending on your heat source this can come at a big price. Dialing your thermostat back or adding a smart thermostat can add up to big savings. Lowering the thermostat setting one degree can save on heating cost by 3%. Meaning going from 70° to 68° is a 6% savings and adding nice warm slippers to the mix is a win for all.

v  Monthly meter reads: Our rural customers have self-read meters where they are responsible for providing monthly meter reads to KPUD. Without consistent meter reads customers are billed estimates based on past history and if this occurs in the winter it can make a bill higher than it actually is or the true up when it is received can result in a high bill. Meter reads can be  submitted in any of the following formats:


* SmartHub link by visiting www.klickitatpud.com and setting up your account

* Calling it in to our 24/7 phone service (509) 773-7618 or (509) 493-9552

* Record the date & meter reading on your bill stub and return it with your payment


v  Keep the heat inside: Help your heating source work easier by identifying and sealing air leaks in the home. For do-it-yourselfers, add caulk or weather stripping to doors and windows or even cover windows with plastic to keep the drafts out. For those looking to make a big difference replace older windows, upgrade insulation and look into other weatherization measures.  


cash rebate 
Ask about our weatherization and heating rebates and ideas for making your home healthier and more efficient.

Contact our Energy Service Specialist, Anita Clever to learn more

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