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Freezing Temperatures and Frozen Pipes

by Feb 07, 2019

Recommendations from our Water Dept to ensure you are prepared.

frozen pipes

With freezing temperatures continuing to be in the forecast ~ we encourage everyone to allow a small steady stream of water to run from an inside faucet to help keep your pipes from freezing.  It may help if you have a sink against an outside wall to open cabinet doors below the sink so warm air can circulate.   


If you are planning to be away from your home for an extended period of time and have not winterized your pipes ~ don’t turn off the heat! Leaving the thermostat set to at least 55 may help keep pipes from freezing.


This doesn’t guarantee you will not have frozen pipes, but it sure beats the alternative and the expense is minimal compared to what it could cost to repair.  

If you turn on the tap and no water flows you may have frozen pipes.

If you cannot find the location of the frozen pipe and Klickitat PUD is your water provider, please call us at (509) 773-5891 and we will send an operator out to confirm whether or not your meter is frozen.

If it is not the meter then it is somewhere within your household plumbing and will be you responsibility to fix it.


Suggestions to help thaw your pipes:

You can thaw pipes by warming towels or blankets in the clothes dryer and then wrap them around the frozen pipe.  Continue this process until water flows again.  If you do not have a clothes dryer the safest thing to do is to wait for the weather to warm and for the frozen pipe to thaw.


Please be safe and keep warm!

Klickitat PUD Water Dept.