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Scam Alert!!

by Feb 21, 2018

Be Aware- If you are ever suspicious of a phone call or visitor, hang up or make the person wait outside and verify they are a utility employee with KPUD at 509-773-5891 or 509-493-2255. 


Scam Alert - February 2018: We have received reports about customers receiving phone calls from scammers using phone numbers registered to Klickitat PUD. The scammers are using an automated system or app to call victims in an attempt to solicit personal information or offer free services. As a reminder, if you are ever suspicious of a phone call or visitor, hang up or make the person wait outside and verify with us at 509-773-5891 or 509-493-2255. 

The increased frequency and creativity of scammers has prompted Klickitat PUD to remind customers what you should know to avoid becoming a victim of utility fraud.

Klickitat PUD’s “Do’s and Do Not’s’”

·         We do not make outgoing calls demanding personal information, or offering extravagant gifts.

·         We do not demand you make a payment using a certain payment type. We are happy to accept cash, checks/ e-checks, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

·         We do not collect cash at obscure locations (Walgreens/ Wal-Mart/ other) to avoid disconnect for non-payment or for upgrading meters.

·         We do not initiate collections on weekends or after hours.

·         We do send past due notices using the mail.  The notice is an indicator that your account requires action.

·         KPUD’s Energy Specialist does not make unannounced visits and solicit business.  If you’d like to contact her, she can reached at 509-773-7622.

·         We do have Meter Readers and Servicemen that respond to field request.  This is limited to the meter, which is why it’s important we have unrestricted access to KPUD meters. If your meter is inside a shed, porch, fenced area, this can be problematic.

·         We do have contractors that trim trees, but you will receive notification that they are in your general area.

·         We do send emails for bill notifications, but only if you have signed up for them.

What you can do to protect yourself from scammers:

  • Register for My Account and manage your account online.
  • If someone comes to your home or business, you can ask for identification. Employees travel in clearly marked vehicles and are easily identifiable as Klickitat PUD employees.
  • Do not provide your credit or debit card number or any other personal information to any caller or visitor without knowing their true identity.
  • Call our office at 509-773-5891 or 509-493-2255 for accurate information about your account or to identify Klickitat PUD employees in your area.