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Pacific Pole Inspections

by May 22, 2017

Pole Testing and Treating Spring and Summer 2017
Klickitat PUD has contracted the annual inspection and treatment of our power poles to Pacific Pole Inspection, LLC. 

They are starting their work in the areas of White Salmon, Bingen, Lyle, Old Hwy 8 near Lyle and the Firwood area of Goldendale. This work will begin at the end of May and will continue throughout the spring and summer. 

These inspectors will be testing, inspecting, and treating KPUD wood poles. You may see them on your property or in your neighborhood on foot or in a vehicle. They will be identifiable with their hard hats and vests and will also need access through gates to get to all wood poles. 

As a safety precaution, any wood KPUD poles on your property will need to be cleared of landscaping at the base of the pole. There will be no power interruptions due to these inspections.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Operations Department at 1-509-773-7632.